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SMT-30 Haze dedusting and fogging gun

Product overview: This product is used for asphalt surfacing or workshop old concrete ground re paving concrete before removing floating slurry and shovel napping, also for the removal of hard ash in construction left. Product features: 1.......

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Product overview:
It is suitable for dust removal, dust suppression, dust suppression, cooling and spraying of pesticides in urban demolition, mining area, thermal power plant, port and wharf, urban air pollution and dust exceeding standard area, metallurgy, chemical industry, coal and iron and steel construction, public places, farmland and so on.

Product features:
1. long range, wide coverage, high work efficiency, can realize the precision spray;
2. Sprayed fog particles are very small, and when they are exposed to dust, a wet mist form can be formed, which can quickly suppress the dust;
3. Supporting power is flexible.It can be used in three phase 380V city power, and can be supplied with diesel generator set;
4. It can be fixed on the platform of concrete pouring, and the diesel generator set can be installed on the transport vehicle.

Technical parameters:
SMT-30 Haze dedusting and fogging gun
Model Type Range Pitching degree
SMT-30A Fully automatic 30m [-10°]-[40°]
SMT-30B Fully automatic 30m [-10°]-[40°]
SMT-30C Manual 30m [-10°]-[40°]


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