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SMT-CFRoad blower

Product overview: This product is used for asphalt surfacing or workshop old concrete ground re paving concrete before removing floating slurry and shovel napping, also for the removal of hard ash in construction left. Product features: 1.......

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Product overview:
It is used for sweeping residual dust and particles before asphalt pavement. It can also be used for cleaning and cleaning of large squares, courtyards and green lands, as well as dehumidification and drying for outdoor sports venues.

Product features:
1. international famous brand gasoline engine, famous brand quality assurance, superior performance, easy to start;
2. precision design of centrifugal wind wheel, large air volume, high wind pressure, blowing dust thoroughly, suitable for a variety of work needs;
3. wind direction can be adjusted, small volume, power foot, easy to use.

Technical parameters:
SMT-CFRoad blower
Model Engine Working weight Maximum speed
SMT-CFA Robin EY-20 56kg 3500 r/min
SMT-CFB Honda GX160 56kg 3500 r/min
SMT-CFC LONCING200F 56kg 3500 r/min


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