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SMT-GF Bitumen slit machine

Product overview: This product is used for asphalt surfacing or workshop old concrete ground re paving concrete before removing floating slurry and shovel napping, also for the removal of hard ash in construction left. Product features: 1.......

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Product overview:
It is mainly used for the surface crack treatment of asphalt pavement, cement pavement and site.

Product features:
1. indirect heating of heat conduction oil cycle to ensure that the body is not paste, not focus, no discoloration;
2. hand - held seams, the flow is adjustable, the operation is flexible and convenient;
3. the temperature of the heating is automatically detected by the sensor, automatic regulation, no need to extinguish, convenient for long time construction;
4. asphalt pump, with suction function can be positive and reverse, the pump body is not clogging material, easy to clean.

Technical parameter:
SMT-GF Bitumen slit machine
Model SMT-GF Working weight 126kg
Bitumen pump CB-B20 Capacity working weight 60L
Mixing method Manual Machine size 1350*780*1100mm


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