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SMT-HXB Street scribing machine

Product overview: This product is used for asphalt surfacing or workshop old concrete ground re paving concrete before removing floating slurry and shovel napping, also for the removal of hard ash in construction left. Product features: 1.......

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Product overview:
It is widely used in many kinds of occasions, such as road, parking lot, square and runway. The common things are rowing zebra line, the garage line, the parking line and so on.

Product features:
1. international famous brand gasoline engine, famous brand quality assurance, superior performance, easy to start;
2. hydraulic spray gun, the switch is fast, the marking line is neat;
3. cylindrical swirling nozzles can easily solve the problem of blocking;
4. the unique spray gun regulating device can realize the random adjustment of the line of the line car;
5. flow rate is large, the pressure is high, the line width can be adjusted.

Technical parameters:
SMT-HXB Street scribing machine
Model SMT-HXB Working weight 75kg
Engine GX160 Capacity 30L
Rated power 5.5HP Line width 5-35cm


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