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SMT-QG1000 Road cutting machine

Product overview: This product is used for asphalt surfacing or workshop old concrete ground re paving concrete before removing floating slurry and shovel napping, also for the removal of hard ash in construction left. Product features: 1.......

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Product overview:
It is widely used in cutting operations of asphalt, cement pavement, concrete products, stone and other industries in municipal, construction, highway, bridge and airport construction. It has good dynamic performance, high working efficiency and reliability.

Product features:
1. Famous brand engine, excellent performance, easy to start;
2. Its own weight is large, the cutting is smooth and the power is strong;
3. Thick wall protection frame, durable;
4. Handle is highly adjustable and humanized design.

Technical parameter
Model SMT-QG1000 Working weight 450kg
Electric machinery 11KW/15KW Diesel engine 20HP/25HP
Cutting depth 45cm Cutting speed 20m/h


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