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Due to the large and complex types of engineering projects nowadays, some large-scale local machinery can not be operated, then some small mechanical requirements for engineering operations began to increase. The walk-behind type compact roller belongs to one of them. It has a small size, compact structure, easy transportation, large work force, high efficiency, and can be used together with a large roller.
The walk-behind compact roller has a large water tank to reduce the trouble of replenishing water back and forth, so that the equipment can increase the continuous working time. The adjustable folding handle gives the operator a comfortable operating environment that can be easily transported or stored after folding. On the rigid wheel, there is automatic self-compacting PU automatic cleaning blade to prevent dirt and asphalt from accumulating on the steel wheel, so that the compaction is smoother, the higher roadside clearance and the smaller side clearance are especially suitable for the wall and road rock Compaction.
Small walker's performance characteristics:
The basic working weight of a typical walk-behind compact roller is below 1 ton, ranging from 0.6 tons to 0.8 tons, and the exciting force is 9KN-15KN. The current hand roller is more and more advanced, and the engine of the equipment is superior in performance and easy to start. Most of them adopt the international famous brand variable piston pump and quantitative hydraulic motor, which is convenient for forward and backward walking; easy to switch; flexible in steering, easy to operate, and easy to use; diesel electric start, electromagnetic resonance control of machine vibration, easy and convenient operation; handrails can be erected for storage and transportation reduction Space; with a "retreat" forced reversing rod, so that the operation is more secure; surface spray, beautiful appearance, rust and corrosion resistance.
The various features of hand roller help it become more and more popular in some projects, for example: stratified compaction of cement stabilizing layer in highway maintenance and replacement construction; compaction of bituminous concrete at the edges of wells and corners . When road culverts, passages, abutments, and other structures are backfilled during road construction, large-scale rollers cannot perform compaction operations in the working area. Municipal garden landscapes, landscapes of residential real estate, pavement construction of golf course construction, and compaction of sidewalk pavement. In construction sites where other construction areas are narrow and the weight of the compaction equipment is sensitive, compaction can be performed flexibly and efficiently.

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