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I believe many of my friends have seen small-sized roller compactors on construction sites or on roads under construction. The operation speed of this equipment is very slow but the compaction effect can reach the highest standard. However, the motor of the roller is relatively fragile compared to other structures. What are the main manifestations? Let's find out together.
1,Why can't the motor be started in a cold environment?
If the roller type motor is too long in a low temperature environment, it will:
(1) Motor insulation cracking;
(2) bearing grease freezes;
(3) Solder powder melting of wire connectors.
Therefore, the motor should be stored under heat in a cold environment and the windings and bearings should be inspected before operation.
2,Why can't a 60Hz motor use a 50Hz power supply?
When the motor is designed, the silicon steel sheet is usually operated in the saturation region of the magnetization curve. When the power supply voltage is fixed, decreasing the frequency will increase the magnetic flux and the excitation current will increase, resulting in an increase in the motor current and an increase in the copper consumption. This will eventually lead to a higher temperature rise of the motor. In severe cases, the coil may overheat and burn the motor.
3,Click soft start, can you save energy?
The soft-start energy-saving effect is limited, but it can reduce the impact of start-up on the grid, it can also achieve a smooth start, protect the motor unit. According to the energy conservation theory, due to the addition of a relatively complex control circuit, soft start will not only not save energy, but also increase the energy consumption, but it can reduce the starting current of the circuit and play a role in protection.
4,Why is the leakage circuit breaker easy to trip when using the inverter?
This is because the output waveform of the inverter contains high-order harmonics, and the motor and the cable between the inverter and the motor will generate a leakage current. This leakage current is much larger than the power frequency drive motor, so this phenomenon occurs.
A small, compact road roller is a common type of road equipment that is more flexible than a large road roller. In addition, the compact roller manufactured by our factory adopts the most advanced configuration of both the hydraulic system and the overall structure of the equipment, which ensures the working efficiency and stability of the equipment to a great extent, and basically does not appear in the process of use. problem. If properly maintained, it should be at least three times higher than the lifetime of the roller sold on the market.
Therefore, the correct maintenance of the compact vibratory roller motor can effectively alleviate the above problems.

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