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As a kind of mechanical equipment commonly used in road construction, the walk-behind small road roller is inevitably subject to some abnormal faults due to various factors during the actual use. The most common one is the failure of the hydraulic system. In order to ensure the smooth construction of the project, it is very necessary to understand and master certain maintenance methods. Let's talk about how to properly repair the fault of the hydraulic system of the walk-behind compactor today and hope to help everyone.
When the hydraulic system of the walk-behind compact roller fails, the correct maintenance method is:
1, in the maintenance, we must put the safety of maintenance personnel in the first place. Operators must achieve good safety protection measures. During the operation, they must strictly follow the operating rules to perform repair operations. During maintenance, the equipment must be in a state of shutdown. It is necessary to maintain the empty machine maintenance, but also pay attention to the pressure of the emptying and energy Exhausted to avoid burning or stressful injuries.
2, to pay attention to the overall maintenance and testing in the hydraulic system inspection, in addition to faulty parts to find out, but also a thorough inspection of other parts in order to achieve the purpose of safe construction.
3, do not easily split the hydraulic parts. Because the assembly of the hydraulic system is very strict and meticulous, after numerous inspections, generally speaking, the causes of common system failures will not be caused by the components inside the system. If the parts are dismantled privately, it may lead to other unrelated failures. occur.
4, If necessary, you can split other components that may affect system problems, but pay attention to the method of splitting, and do not cause unnecessary damage.
5, the system components best to maintain the original configuration, try not to use alternatives.
6, After the system is repaired, the equipment must be re-commissioned strictly in accordance with the operating procedures, especially the determination of the pressure system. This is because the pressure system is directly related to the construction safety and construction effectiveness of personnel. Only by adjusting the pressure within a suitable range will the smooth construction of the road be guaranteed.
7, When the problem component is being repaired, the technical welding must be fine and sturdy. Pay attention to maintaining the function and integrity of the component. Do not cause system failure due to human technical error.

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