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In the process of using a small roller, we usually have a few common problems. Here's what we will give you in detail:
The first is that the engine does not start. The possible causes are: 1. Check the control position and see if the fuel valve is opened and the valve is opened. Close the choke. Turn the engine switch on. 2, check the fuel, if the fuel is gone, add fuel, it may be fuel deterioration, this situation requires the refueling. 3, remove the check spark plug, clean, adjust the gap or replace the new spark plug. If the spark plug is wetted with fuel, dry it and reinstall it, and pull the valve lever to the fastest position.
No one can guarantee that their machinery and equipment will not fail. Therefore, the operators of general machinery and equipment must have a general understanding of some of the more relevant mechanical working principles in preparation for the unexpected. As a commonly used working construction machine, the roller does not inevitably occur in use. Of course, if it is a frequent failure, it is mechanical aging or there is a quality problem, it should be another matter, this article focuses on the normal The engineering equipment fails to resolve.
After the engineering machinery is shipped from the factory, it is generally specified that there is a run-in period of about 60 hours (sometimes referred to as the run-in period), which is stipulated by the production factory according to the characteristics of the initial technical skills of the construction machinery. The running-in period is the main link to ensure the normal operation of the construction machinery, reduce the failure rate, and extend its service life. However, at present, some users neglect the special skills request for the new machine's running-in period due to the lack of common sense in the use of construction machinery, or due to tight schedules, or want to obtain benefits as soon as possible. Some users even think that, anyway, manufacturers have a repair period, the machine is broken by the manufacturer responsible for maintenance, so the machine in the run-in period of long-term overload, leading to frequent machine failures, which not only affected the normal application of the machine, The service life of the machine is shortened, and the damage to the machine has affected the progress of the project. Therefore, the use and maintenance of the running-in period of the construction machinery should cause sufficient weight.

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