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PRE:Roller maintenance tips




First, the maintenance of the engine can be maintained by using the diesel engine maintenance manual.
Second, After each clean construction of the compact vibratory roller compactor, the dirt and dust must be washed away. The diesel engine, generator, starter motor, fuel injection pump, fuel injector, hydraulic pump, etc. shall be carefully cleaned. The surface of the hydraulic piping is clean, and the installation equipment indicates that it is best to clean these places with a dry, soft rag. If the roller is not used, the water in the engine tank must be released. During the cold winter months, it should be released after the end of the work day. Set up and arrange the machine prompts to thoroughly clean the dirt and dust on the timer, wipe the exterior and exterior parts of the parts with fire oil, and pass through the smooth holes and note the grease once. The unpainted exposed parts should be coated with butter or rust. glue.
Third, the compact roller transport and transfer short-distance transport roller, according to the doorway environment, the roller can be selected to use high-speed self-opening to the site. The state-owned equipment in Zhubang considers that when transporting the roller from a long distance, the roller is transported using a flat-bed trailer. Next to lifting and transportation, the lock device on the fuselage is used to lock the structure lock and prevent the relative rollover of the fuselage and structure. At the same time, the roller should be firmly fixed on the flatbed trailer.
Fourth, Storage of Small Compactors The compactor should be stored in a boring warehouse, restraining the storage of irrelevant articles and petrol. In case of parking in the open air on rainy days, the ground should be connected with boring, and it must be covered with waterproof cloth.
Fifth, the smoothness of the compact roller The smoothing of the compactor uses the pressure-resistant lithium-based smoothing agent in addition to the hinge and the steering cylinder, and the ordinary smoothing agent is also used.

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