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SMT-ZP Frame leveler

Product features: 1. Concrete trowel machine is mainly used for lifting, vibrating, sliding, towelingin asphalt pavement. 2. Using a trowel machine for casting concrete floors gives the finished product a professional look. Trowels machines......

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Product overview:
Concrete truss screed is used for concrete road surface lifting pulp, vibrating, leveling.
It is a new equipment for roads, squares and modern factory building. And it is a traditional paver upgrading products. 

Product features:
1. HONDA power ( or famous electric) brand quality assurance, superior performance, easy to start;
2. Truss screeds baseplate select could rolled sheet, wear and corrosion resistance;
3. The overall frame adopts full steel structure, strong earthquake, won't be hard deformation;
4. Removable and free combination design, greatly reduces the maintenance and transportation cost;
5. The whole meters can fast joint together, reduce the cost.

Technical parameters:
Model SMT-ZP55 SMT-ZP90 SMT-ZP130
Engine HONDA GX160/Electric HONDA GX270/Electric HONDA GX390/Electric
Power 5.5hp/4.0kw 9.0hp/5.5kw 13.0hp/7.5kw
Working Width 4-7m 8-11m 12-16m
Working Depth 260mm 260mm 260mm
Frequency 70hz 70hz 70hz
Standard Section 1000/2000mm 1000/2000mm 1000/2000mm
Working speed 0-3KM/h 0-3KM/h 0-3KM/h


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