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SMT-D200B Electric flat ramming

Product overview: It is mainly used for compacting leveling in ditches, roads and stadium sites, and can also be used for the operation of compacted asphalt surface. The operation radius is small, it can work in the smaller area and is suit......

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Product overview:
It is mainly used for compaction operation of asphalt pavement, brick pavement and dust foundation. It is especially suitable for compaction, small area repair and pavement compaction function of road side and corner area.

Product features:
1. Famous brand, full of horsepower, small noise, easy to start;
2. The design of the square base and the position of the handle is easy to operate and saves time and labor;
3. Using Japanese technology to achieve high frequency and high compaction effect;
4. The vibration plate adopts the international 8mm high strength steel plate;
5. The cases were lubricated by spatter oil mist in the body.

Technical parameters:
SMT-D200B Electric flat ramming
Model SMT-D200B Working weight 160kg
Exciting force 20KN Rated power 3KW


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